Women in sports interview

Sometimes I end up on the other side of the interview, and last week was one of those times as I talked with Dijana Kunovac about being a woman in sports media. She's publishing a series of blogs and podcasts about women in sports and I'm honored to be the first. Here's a sample of what we talked about: 

Brooke and I met during my time at Inside Carolina covering UNC.  She was one of the only other women on the beat during my tenure and was even a student then, working for the Daily Tar Heel. She's covered a lot of different teams and sports since her time at the DTH, working for The Colorado Spring Gazette, Carolina Blue Magazine, The Durham Herald Sun and The North State Journal where she is currently a sports reporter.  We've shared plenty of war stories and plenty of margaritas.  Here is our conversation:

When you decided, “Hey, this is what I want to do [meaning sports journalism],” did you know you’d be treated differently because you are a woman?

It should have been a warning sign when I got to the Daily Tar Heel orientation the first day and Jonathan Jones called me “freshman girl” for a long time. I was just referred to as “this is the freshman girl.” And I went to an all-girls high school, so we got the whole girl power thing going on there, and I’ve never really been the odd one out and didn’t really think anything of it. And then kind of little by little, it started to occur to me that okay, there are three other girls on the desk or four other girls—Kelly Parsons being one of them. I would go to games and a lot of times, it’d be the smaller sport and I’d be the only media person there anyway, but as it got to football and basketball I thought, okay, you know, there’s never a line in the bathroom. You were the only other person there, like fixing your hair or something, and I was like, this is kind of odd, but that’s cool. It took me a long time to realize that there were not a lot of people like me in my field. And it was kind of odd, kind of nice because everybody knows who I am even if it’s just calling me “freshman girl” or something like that. It took me a long time to realize I was different.

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