Williams pranks Tar Heels on April Fools

HOUSTON — On a team as loose as North Carolina, there’s gotta be a couple of April Fools’ pranks, right?


But this time the prankster wasn’t Theo Pinson or Brice Johnson. Nope, it came from a collaboration between the head honcho himself and a team manager.

Before Friday morning’s practice, manager Maggie Boulton, a senior exercise and sports science major, decided that some kind of prank had to go down. It just wouldn’t be right if it didn’t.

So she huddled up with coach Roy Williams and started hatching a plan.

“The team does like to joke around and I’m really goofy myself,” Boulton said. “So I was like, we’ve got to do something. A lot of times it’s really serious around, especially with the tournament, big games coming up. We got to practice and I said to him, ‘you should do one of your things where you go wacko on the guys during practice and scream at them for nothing and make them think they’re running and then it’s like just tell them April Fools or whatever.’”

Flawless, right?

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