Tennis newbie Strepay comes to NCCU's rescue

DURHAM — Three weeks ago, Dillon Strepay learned where the service box was located on a tennis court in his PEDU 1110 class.

Today, he’ll step into a service box in Lynchburg, Virginia with the N.C. Central men’s tennis team to play the first match of his career.

Not just the first match of his collegiate career, but his first match ever.

“It’s all happened pretty quickly,” he said.

No kidding.

Enrolled in a tennis physical education class taught by a former NCCU coach for the spring semester of his junior year, Strepay was engrossed in learning about the different parts of court and the history of the sport. But when the Cary native heard that the men’s tennis team was postponing matches in search of a fifth player to complete their squad, he quickly made the decision to go out for the team.

“Two of the women’s players on the team told me that the guys already had to cancel one match because they didn’t have enough guys, so that sort of interested me,” Strepay said. “I was like, ‘Hey, I could help out the other tennis guys.’ They gave me coach John (McLean’s) number and I texted him. And then we just went from there.”

That was two weeks ago.

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