NCCU seniors rule in final home game

DURHAM — It all started two and a half months ago.

As he does each year around that time, coach LeVelle Moton began verbally reminding his team of their time left in this season.

80 days. 60 days. 40 days.

Feb. 7 marked 25 days left in this regular season, and for Dante Holmes, Jeremiah Ingram and Enoch Hood, 25 days left to wear an N.C. Central uniform.

After so many years of hearing the countdown of others’ careers, the realization that their clocks were so near expiration had a game-altering impact on the senior trio.

A week removed from an overtime loss to N.C. A&T, NCCU’s seniors channeled a renewed sense of urgency to fuel a decisive 90-66 win against Bethune-Cookman (9-16, 6-5 MEAC) on their senior day.

“When you’re a sophomore or a junior, you’re like ‘Coach ain’t talking to me.’ And now, you kind of see that light at the end of the tunnel and that train is for you this time,” Moton said. “And it’s going to pull up to your door, and it’s going to honk the horn and you’ve got to get in there.

“The thing is, what legacy are you going to attach to yourself? What are you leaving behind? What are people going to remember you by. I told them, let’s just go out on all cylinders. All out chaos and having a sense of urgency.”

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