NCCU walk-on rewarded with playing time in 72-0 win

DURHAM — According to the rosters available at O'Kelly-Riddick Stadium for N.C. Central's opener, there wasn't a No. 84 on the 2015 Eagles squad.

But as the clock dropped below four minutes in the 72-0 win against St. Augustine's, a quarterback wearing No. 84 replaced backup Quinn Billerman for the final snaps of the game.

Much to everyone's surprise and slight confusion, Darius Dobson, a redshirt sophomore walk-on unlisted on the roster, was given the nod for NCCU's final series.

And though he didn't record a pass and rushed for only for only four yards, just checking into a game was a big achievement.

"Darius is kind of like the people's champ," coach Jerry Mack said. "He's a young man who walked onto the team last year, and we got an opportunity to put him in the game late. We were going to make sure we protected our one and two quarterbacks, so we wanted to get him in the game.

"Usually he's on the sideline, he helps with signaling and things like that and the scout team. He got in there and did a good job, calling for the snap and managing the game. We even gave him the opportunity to run the football."

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