Hi, I'm Brooke.

By the time you've clicked over to this page, you know I'm a sports journalist. You've probably picked up that I went to UNC for my undergraduate degree and am currently based in Norman, Oklahoma. I also own a Plott Hound (the state dog of North Carolina!), and I have a bonafide coffee addiction.

Those are the basics. These are not, but are equally as important:

  • In my college application essay, I wrote that my dream job was to become a horror movie director. As someone who lived in the basement bedroom in a town without cell phone service, five miles from the filming location of Cabin Fever, I had plenty of real-world experience.
  • Speaking of the real world, around the same time I penned/typed the college application essay, I wrote another essay to the producers of MTV's Real World in the hopes of making it on the show. They did not write back. 
  • I am the proud recipient of Salem Academy's 2010 varsity girls basketball coaches' award, likely given because I was a four-year athlete and had done nothing remarkable in my career — unless you count hitting the side of the backboard with a shot trying to impress Wake Forest's Harvey Hale, who was watching from the crowd. 
  • At 5-foot-10, I am the shortest and least athletic person in my nuclear family. I am also the only family member to never play a college sport. 
  • I believe that Florence, Italy is both heaven and hell on earth. Heaven is Gusta Pizza, while the mouth of hell is, without a doubt, at the Uffizi, renowned art museum and epicenter of tourist chaos. Since when did it seem like a good idea to house thousands of priceless works of art inside a confusing, crowded maze of former government offices? 
  • My ringtone is Only the Good Die Young by Billy Joel. My mom loved Billy Joel and Celine Dion and played their CDs in the kitchen and in the car more times than I care to remember. Thankfully, my ringtone isn't — and never will be — The Power of Love. 
  • I worked as a camp counselor for three summers and as a part-time babysitter for the last two years. Need someone to start a fire or change a diaper (hopefully not at the same time, but never say never)? I'm your girl.
  • I love getting to know people. Some people call that nosy. I call it being good at my job.